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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ for those that are shy, the rest let's chat over coffee and see how we can mint your branding & digital marketing success together!

  • How can I benefit from your services?
    Here at Mintyou Marketing we aim to provide dedicated bespoke branding & digital marketing services to our clients so they can focus on growing their brand while we handle their marketing related task!
  • What are the services included in the package?
    Each package generally include strategic branding, social media marketing & management, creative content creation, ads management, basic SEO and analytics.
  • Can the items in the packages be customize to our needs?
    Yes! We aim to provide bespoke services to our clients based on their needs and wants.
  • I don't need all the offering stated in the packages, can we still proceed with your services?
    Yes! Each 3 of our Minty packages are cater to different businesses and brands as a service offering guidelines, let's discuss more in details and customize your dedicated Minty package for you!
  • What are the minimum subscription period for the packages?
    Minimum subscription period will be 3 months, with a deposit of half of the total amount.
  • How do we proceed to sign up?
    Drop us an email or contact us for your free consultation! If you like what you hear we will deep dive into your business and offering to cater a plan for your brand during our service period.
  • What about services not mentioned in your packages?
    Additional services not covered such as hiring of influencers (KOL), event management, website creation, in-depth SEO optimization, SMS blast and others related services will be based on request and with additional charges.
  • How about company not located in Malaysia, can we sign up for your services ?
    Yes! Overseas company may explore our services, more details will be discussed during our consultation session.
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